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Hi, TJ.

You might be coming up with a lot of conflicting info because there’s a lot of mis-leading and incorrect info on what sealer is and what it’s supposed to do. Sealer is meant to be a temporary stain blocker while you clean it up. It’s meant to buy you a few minutes of time for cleaning before a liquid stain becomes a permanent stain. It’s not really something that will help with the maintenance of a stone-clad shower.

It’s late to be asking this, but have you tested your slate to see if it’s appropriate to be used in such a wet location? Can you immerse a spare tile in a bucket of water overnight and scrub it without the water getting dirty? I ask because there’s a lot of very beautiful and colorful slate out there that can’t tolerate moisture. Instead of being an extremely durable material like Vermont Slate, it’s unfortunately closer to very hard mud.

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