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Clay, as we are seeing this is anything short of simple.

Another update everyone, and I could sure use everyone’s help to continue to determine what’s reasonable and what we should expect.

Back in October we brought in a new company. He was very knowledgeable, mirrored some of the advice from this forum, did a sample for us that looked really good. He started work last week, and has been at the floors almost 7 days. He left a note tonight saying that work would be done tomorrow and to please leave payment on the counter. We looked around, saw that the edged still needed some work because the polish stopped a good 4” from the wall in some places,and that there were a couple noticeable blemishes in the middle of the floor. Ass7ming that’s what he would be working on tomorrow, I sent a text saying it looks like there is more work to do and we would be more comfortable paying after we see the final product.

He follows up with a call: I guess the floor is all done and that only the fireplace hearth is left to finish up. And I think we really offended him that we weren’t overjoyed with what he accomplished with the condition of our floors. His statement was there would be no way to get closer to the wall without taking out the baseboards, the door jambs, and with his offset distances I would say probably the plaster too. Or that he would be there for three weeks making it as perfect as we expect it.

During the initial walk through his initial figure was 5-6k and that it would take a lot of hand work. When the actual proposal came in it was only $4500. So maybe he deleted some of the hand work because on day 6 he was still using the floor machine. His price worked out to $10 per sq ft or roughly $80 per hour. He’s coming out to meet on Wednesday morning, but I don’t know what should come out of that meeting. That is why I wanted to see here what we should be expecting, and what it would entail to get where we want to be.

I’ll attach pics in the next post.
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