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At this point, we've gotten all money back that we paid to the first company, and early next year we will the same guy who did the sample for us come back to redo the floor. The first company discontinued all contact with us and never provided any information on their process. But I thought someone here would find this interesting:

Last night our dog had a major vomit accident on our floor. It was almost completely contained to one of the absolute black squares and could have sat there up to 7 hours but may have been much less. Where it sat, the "polish" finish is completely gone. The stone beneath looks like the new stone sample when it was honed before he moved on to polishing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've read if and when absolute black etches, that is not the effect. My assumption is that the vomit acids only dissolved the top coating, and that what we got was indeed a gloss enhancer of some sort over a poorly done hone.
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