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All, Thank you for all of the thoughts.

Davy, I personally think the pattern is a little over the top, but it's there so we are going to work with it. The previous owner was an interior designer and black and white patterned floors seemed to be his thing. He did them in several of his projects.

As an update, the original company has completely stopped communicating with us. As such, we never got an on-site meeting with them nor any explanation of the process that they used.

The contract says without much specifics this: "Floor will be stripped, removing the layer of wax/crystallizer. Once the floor has been stripped , and chipped or cracked tiles will be filled with a color matching stone mixture, this will be sanded down and blended. Floor will then receive a 9 phase hone( a mixture of diamond raisin pads and diamond dipped hug hair pads) and 3 step sealing process( stone specific sealers are used)."

The second company came back with a actually estimate that comes out to a little over $9 a s.f. He did a small test sample of a high polish finish of which I've attached a picture below. Using mostly hand work, he was able to take out the scratches and picture framing. If they do the job, they plan to strip the floors first, as when he was doing the work he thought it definitely felt like there was a top coating.

The rest of the floor we swear is getting worse by the week, Under high light levels it looks very hazy, and basically permanently dirty. See the pictures below. I'd have a hard time saying that it even looks better than where we started, Any ideas what could be going on? We have tried cleaning twice with a PH neutral stone cleaner, but it doesn't remove anything a leaves a streaky film that then needs to be buffed off.
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