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Hi Chippy,

The term "neat cement" originated in England and is used in Australia and New Zealand as well. In the States it's always been referred to as "pure cement" or just "pure."

Tiles were soaked back before my time (but not before Derek's time ). All wall tiles made from slip (4-1/4, etc.) and other soft clay tiles were soaked. Harder quarry tiles and porcelains (mosaics) were not. If you soak hard tiles they form what we used to call a "water bond." When the water dries up, so does the bond. Likewise if the softer tiles were not allowed to stand after being soaked or sprinkled, you would get a water bond also.

The only tiles I soak when using thin set are Saltillo tiles and raw terracottas.

Old Dave Gobis, being older than dirt, can add something here also.
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