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Question Recessed Cubbies, Shower benches NEWBIE help

I'm a stay at home mom doing a total small bathroom redo. The first picture is the bath as it was 3 days ago. The bathtub is behind the door (not visable) The picture actually makes the bath look bigger than it was (space between vanity top and tub = approx 21 inches) .

Due to EXTENSIVE water damage, the entire bath including walls and floor were taken down to the studs, with a ridiculous closet extension from another room removed to allow the tub to go to the outside wall. Not the best idea being we're in a cold climate, but the plumbing is on an inside wall.

1 have 2 questions.

First I've built a 10" deep ledge to accomodate the space left from the 5 foot jacuzzi tub. The tub is 22" deep. I intend this to be for shampoos etc. This tub is also a shower with the plumbing on the opposite side. The entire shower/tub area will be tiled, as will the floor and wanescot in the rest of the bathroom. Any suggestions on how do I properly tile the edges of the ledge to be sure I don't have water leakage during showers. Since this is an extension, I won't be able to have any sort of shower curtain liner going totally around so I anticipate there being quite a bit of water splashing up there.

Second, since I have easy access to the studs at this point, I intend to create recessed cubbies both above that ledge about 2 foot, and against the outside wall toward the front of the shower. "The Tile Shop" has a slightling slanted product called a "shower duct" that is basically a molded heavy plastic box (I know how to install) which I can tile directly to and would eliminate any chance of water buildup and seepage. But is there another option? I can't find any sort of mention of this anywhere on the internet.

As I mentioned, water control is an absolute MUST in this project, so I'm taking every step I can think of to have this bath gorgeous for years.

Sorry for the long post. I do appreciate any input.
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