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tile around a bathroom mirror

I'm almost done with my bathroom tile job. The final step is to hang a 24 x 30 inch mirror on the wall over the vanity and attach a tile frame to the wall around the mirror.

I have seen two mirrors tiled into backsplashes in restaurants, and with both, the silver of the mirror had deteriorated. I want to prevent that. Any ideas out there?

I've already prepared 13 frame sections--For each one I cut a 3-inch and a 1-inch strip of 12" tile, bullnosed both edges of the 3-inch and 1 edge of the narrow piece. Created sandwiches with one wide and one narrow strip so that the frame will have a bevel after I attach it to the wall. So far the pieces look great--bullnosed on one edge and a double thickness double-bullnose on the other edge. I'll grout the joints after I've mitered the corners and stuck the pieces on the wall.

So, how can I attach the mirror to the painted wall to prevent the moisture damage I see with old mirrors. I am planning on sticking the mirror to the wall with liquid nails. What would be better?

I could silicone all around the edges of the mirror to make it waterproof...trapping whatever moisture is in the air at the time. Or, I could also make sure there is ventilation by leaving air holes.

I was going to caulk the space between the mirror and the tiles, but the mirror is beveled, and it looks great if I just push the tiles up against the mirror without any caulk…unless that would be a problem.

Thank you for all the advice. I hope I can post pics before too many more months go by!
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