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John Bridge
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Just kidding about the equinox. I wouldn't mind hearing it again. Maybe we won't lose it this time.


The screw in that vise is allthread, but I have successfully turned my own wood screws and nuts (Thanks to Roy Underhill -- I bought his book).

And now what you've all been waiting for, the Bud Cline Family Album. Bud sent me 4 shots to do with as I choose. I've tried to get everybody in and cut down on the loading time. Bud, when you said those pics were big, you weren't kidding. Had to get out my snips.

Top: Bud's daughter Leslie (a knockout, eh?), Tanner, who is unhappy, and Bud. Middle: Bud and Laura Lee (another knockout. No, not you, Bud.) Bottom: Bud and kids. Tanner is happier.

There is one other daughter that didn't make the cut, one day when I figure out how to use my digital camera again I'll catch her on the run. She lives out of town attending the University of Nebraska.

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