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Thanks lou. I did need a smidge bit more than just a 1/2" provided. It sure is better to have to squish excess out then to pull the tile up and add a little extra. The tile seem to burp okay. I'm looking ahead to putting in this toilet flange and I'm thinking surely three or four bolts is plenty on a cement floor? There are six holes and also what Fasteners do you use? I have a cement drill I've never used tapcons but they seemed like maybe they would be good for this job. I'm thinking I will knock out the tile like someone suggested rather than drill through the tile afterwards.

I do think my tiles are very uniform in size and fairly flat and I'm learning how hard it is to control lippage perfectly like I expected of myself. I don't think I've ever worried about this so much before I think my OCD is growing stronger as I get older.
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