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Ok, here we go. The cracked joist:
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and its sister:
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Looks like the forum shrunk the pictures some more. Also, the joist that ends at the header isn't actually shaped like that, that's just how the camera stitched the panorama together. The cracked side could use more light but you can see where the crack is and how full of stuff that whole side is. The sister is a different color and all that's there is some wire that runs through 2 bore holes. In the sister-side pic, you can see the cracked part hanging past the sister some.

I checked the shape of the joists (with a trowel, what else?). The cracked one is only cupped by ~1/16" on the beam-side of the crack but bulges out in the middle over toward the sill (right in the photo). The cracked area is all over the place. The sister is flat to within ~1/32".
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