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From your drawing, if the header is only carrying one joist, then the "king" joists didn't need to be doubled in the first place. So it is somewhat overbuilt, which is to your benefit. Given that, I think it will be enough to sister all your single joists (including the short one), add fasteners to the existing double joists at the same schedule, and then do something to repair your cracked joist.

If you don't care that the cracked joist has sagged, you can just splice on an 8' piece of joist, centered over the crack, and then use "alot" of 4.5" fasteners on each side of the crack to connect the splice. Not being an engineer, I don't know the proper value of "alot", but I would say somewhat more that you are using for normal sistering, maybe 50% more?

If you want to address the apparent sag of the cracked joist (it looks like it has sagged relative to its partner joist), then you'll need to jack it up before attaching the splice. If it is nailed to its partner joist in a way that prevents it being jacked up, you'll need to pull a few nails to allow that to happen.

Cheers, Wayne
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