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Tyler, a geographic location in your User Profile will be helpful in responding to some of these issues.

We don't want to guess at the subflooring. Two sheets of nominal half-inch plywood is not a good thing at all unless they are properly installed and glued together with a full spread of wood glue. Unlikely you have that. Perhaps while you're taking down insulation in the basement you might find a grade stamp on the subflooring.

I recommend you put the information you gather on your joist structure into the Deflectometer in the dark blue bar near the top of the page to get an initial assessment of that part of the subfloor package.
Originally Posted by Tyler
The old adhesive is some kind of thinset,..
Some clarification: Thinset is a method of installing ceramic tile, not a product. Thinset mortar, usually Portland cement or similar based, is one of the products used to bond ceramic tile using the thinset method. There are also organic adhesives, commonly referred to as mastic, used for such bonding.

The uncoupling mat is your choice. Keep in mind that there is no tile industry standard for such materials. Manufacturer's claims are all you have to base your decision upon.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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