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Thanks for all of your responses. I just measured the plywood thickness, and it is just under 1 inch. I'm guessing this means it's two 1/2" sheets. The old adhesive is some kind of thinset, but I have no idea if what was used is considered flexible or not.

The joists are 16" apart. I'll pull some insulation down in the basement to investigate them further. One side of the hallway has a heating pipe directly underneath the floor, which has to be a problem on that side at least. When the insulation batts were installed in the basement (which I've heard is not absolutely necessary or advised anymore, at least for unfinished basements), the pipe was trapped between the fiberglass and the floor above it. If I had known more at the time, I wouldve moved the insulation between the pipe and the floor.

I have heard of these decoupling mats. I think this may be a good solution, once the floor is stabilized as much as possible. I like this possibility because it won't raise the level of the floor as much, for one thing.
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