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jane m
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Hi Don, had this same problem last week. You might have seen my thread. Toolguy recommended the vinegar, 1/2 and 1/2 or stronger if necessary. It did a pretty goodjob of evening out the lighter spots-revealing darker below the surface. I scrubbed it with a hard bristle brush that attaches to a broom handle from HD, and the top layer came right off.

However, I test sealed a spot, and 24 hours later 3" of an 18" joint was darker. But, 48 hours later it was almost even. So, I'm still nervous about sealing the whole thing. Anyway, did you use a stiff brush and scrub it a little? Also, in the past, I had what they called calcium deposits from the water, (and phosphoric acid did not work) so this time I used distilled water for grout mix and all cleaning. Maybe I'm crazy, but my grout turned out much better this time. Who knows....good luck.
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