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grout advice for small area

Hello tilers,
I rebuilt my shower from the studs and am ready for grout. There are a few issues that keep swirling in my head as I try to research the different options, so I was hoping for some real world advice.

A few things about the shower to give background- The sub floor is a square, concrete pit that has been there since the 1970s, at least. It extends five inches below the surface of the floor, so the bottom few inches of the shower walls are concrete. There is a sloped mud bed and a layer of Aqua Defense.

1) There are a few places that I lost my mind and the tiles are pretty much butted up against the edge of the facing wall. Since the floor is such a small area (30" x 30"), do I need to worry about movement? Should I use a more flexible grout to make up the lack of perimeter cushion?

2) Two of the shower walls are exterior and it is very cold. I can wait until the weather warms to above freezing to grout, but is that warm enough? I thought some of you tilers in the north would know about that. Would the tile be too cold for the grout to cure properly?

Thanks for any help.
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