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Divot method snafu

Hello all. I used the divot method for my shower drain and applied liquid waterproofing. When I created the divot, it was wide enough for the middle part of the 3-part clamping drain to nestle all the way into the bottom part. The thickness of the waterproofing, though, has shrunk the hole so that the middle part now just hovers above the bottom. It is still close enough to screw it securely down and there is plenty of room for the grate part to be at the correct level. I know that this method calls for protecting the weep holes and filling the divot with mud bed mix, before tiling. Since the edges of middle part of the drain wedge right up against the sides of the divot, there doesn’t seem to be a need for pebbles to keep the weep holes open. Or is there a danger of the deck mud sliding down over time? I can’t tell if the weep holes are clear of the rubber layer, but I’m sure there are enough imperfections in the surface to let the water escape. I am hoping that the holes are big enough for water, but too small for the mud. Does this seem like a safe bet? Should I prop up the middle part, so there is an opening all around, and try to fill the space underneath with mud? That seems very tricky. And, maybe, impossible.
I am also confused about how to set the height for the top part of the drain. It seems like any adjustment should be made with the middle part, since any screwing up or down would make the square of the grate crooked. Do I just measure the tile thickness and take my best guess at how much the thinset will squish down? Is there a method for this?
I would appreciate any help.
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