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Originally Posted by Kman
I think you're referring to the fourth picture he posted. To me, it looks like a pencil line running top to bottom on which he aligned the tiles.
Yes, the fourth picture. I, too, initially thought that vertical pencil line was a seam. But, no, that’s not what I’m asking about. Note that the two Hardibacker sheets have the printed wording on them aligning horizontally. And now look in the upper right hand corner of the pic to see a vertical seam. If you follow that seam down to where it runs out of the picture, I’m wondering if it forms a “+” seam.

And I just noticed something else. With a vertical line of screws that seem to be staggered about 1.5”, it makes me also wonder if the screws where driven intentionally into the floor joists without knowing it’s better to avoid them.....???

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