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I've done my cutouts using a jigsaw and a carbide blade. The carbide blade is regularly available in the tool section at hardware stores. You can also keep scoring it on both sides with a carbide scorer until it pops out, but there's more sweat involved.

My 2 cents worth is to do a standard drop in sink. Some folks have tiled over the top, but you really have to be careful with waterproofing and getting the tile to look good is really dificult. I've seen pictures here done with granite tile that was custom finished to fit over the sink. I wouldn't do it with normal tile, not on a quick job. And think about if you ever need to take out the sink in the future...

No preference. I've done field tiles because I can custom cut them, but if you can do them or v-caps, I think it's up to personal preference. V caps might be easier to install and make them look good--less adjusting of individual pieces?
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