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Thx guys --

I thought about using bullnose strips on the top of the counter, as you suggest, Jeff, and field tiles cut to match the thickness on the edge, but worried about a clean cut on a black ceramic tile, it it being super sharp as well.

I think I'll just go ahead and bang off the current laminate countertop. It's just particle board and formica, and only 24x90. As suggested, I'll build it up so the total thickness should be ~2'' so the v-cap tiles ( what Olean calls sink-rail?) are flush with the thickness of the countertop.

My questions now -- the sink cutout for the drop-in stainless sink in the backerboard. How do you recommend cutting this rectangular hole in the 1/4" backerboard? Scoring and tapping out? Or with a power-tool?

Second, I've heard of people dropping the sink in on top of the backerboard, screwing the lip or flange down, but *under* the ceramic tile. Worth messing with? I'm otherwise just going to drop it in over a bead of caulk.

Aagh, question 3! Being greedy. And pros/cons to setting the v-cap's first vs. the field tiles?

thx again!
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