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I, too, discourage sealing in a shower. Sealer is meant to buy you a little time after the porous grout (sometimes the tile, as well) to clean s potentially staining liquid before it dries and becomes a permanent stain. But what are you going to spill in the shower that could potentially stain? So, that’s a reason not to use sealer.

And sealing does not stop moisture penetration into the tile assembly. Yes, initially, you may see temporary signs of beading water. But that’s not permanent. But it slows down the moisture transfer. While that might seem like a good thing, the bad thing is that it slows down the drying out of the tile assembly. On floors with some natural stones, the moisture that can’t quickly escape manifests itself as a darkened damp spot. Super uggo! Not to mention the harboring of moisture contributing to mold.

Grout sealing in a shower essential? No, definitely not!

Grout sealing in a shower potentially harmful? Yep, sometimes.

The benefits of not sealing outweigh that of sealing.

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