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some progress

Thanks Dan. My wife said she used "CLR Mold and Mildew" with results as shown. I used it again this morning, letting it soak, and it seems that the mold stains are much improved (not gone, but much better!)

The question remains regarding sealing the floor (and wall) grout. Moderator seemed to discourage it. "" hails grout sealer as required. hmmm. I think another fair concern re: sealing the stones is that it may look foggy at first then peel away. neither are obviously desirable.

regarding wallboard: I used to think (assume) it was durock, but the flexibility of the wall and the way the tile ends outside of the shower, makes me wonder if its just drywall under the tile. Should have looked before I started the repair to the wall on the other side of the shower. no issues yet (six years of our use with a couple years before that with previous owners [and remodlers]) What might be your concerns, Dan?

still thankful for www forums (what did we do years ago?)

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