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Similar "stains"

We have a custom made shower stall — one-inch tiles (floor to ceiling, with dark gray grout) and a floor of small stones embedded in medium gray grout (or maybe mortar??) The grout and/or mortar showed discoloring similar to Dane's. I have taken them as mineral deposits. My wife is concerned that there is mold involved. We had hard water until about a month ago, so now I would like to move forward.
After lackluster results from vinegar and CLR, I successfully cleaned (the hard water deposits?) from the surface & cracks with muriatic acid and screwdriver-scraping.
I wonder about sealing the shower to help prevent the stains from reappearing as well as stopping mold growth.
Another site seems to be recommending a penetrating sealer over the whole floor — stones included? I am wondering if the sealing of the floor might make it too slippery (it may not be critical since the bumpy texture of the stones may keep us safe). I expect that I should also seal the joint of the wall/stone floor pan with silicone caulk before treatment. There are cracks along the wall at the bottom and along the floor, but in six years of us using this shower, there is no sign of leakage anywhere outside or below the shower. I am tempted to use a heavy bead of silicone just to help move water away from the wall. BTW, the floor does not have perfect drainage so there usually are a couple of small puddles after each shower. Might this be a determining factor in product and application choice? How dry do we have to be between steps?

Thank you for your input!
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