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Master Bath Remodel

OK, so I research a tile saw for my MB remodel. I need a larger one than the entry level RIDGID I own now. Tiles are 12"X24". I narrow it down to a RUBI and another RIDGID Model #R4030S. So I went with the RIDGID after watching some Master Tilers online.

Here's my I being too picky in my tolerance for percision? The RUBI just had too much slop in the slide table, the RIDGID a little less. When I use my square the table is about 1/8" to 3/16" from beginning of the table slide to the 24" mark. Figuring I can make things better I slotted the holes in the slide and repositioned it but I can only get it to about 3/64" from blade to being parallel with the square at full travel. Move it any more and assy. bolts start getting in the way.

So do any of you folks try to get your saw blade absolutely square to the table? I mean the table rollers are sloppy as it is so even if I could get it to perfect the table is still very wobbly. Any thoughts? I can't take this saw back now since I modified it. And why could"t they make those rails 3" longer??? Every saw I looked at the table drops the back set of rollers off the rails and creates even more misalignment?

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