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Broken marble over ply joints.

I had to tear out 15 feet of marble today thank god for the air chisel . Anywho 3/4 ply 1/4 cb tgi's 16 oc. and when I tore it up, 3yrs after installing it some of the cbu came up and I saw that all the cracked tiles were over the ply joints. Now my q is other than floating mud how could this be avoided? Also do you think its from expansion/contraction or raised or lowered joist? I dont know if this offers any clues but the marble cracks were very hard to see, only at a certain angle with the light just rite it looked almost like there was a divit or ditch along the cracks not raised or seperated but lowered which makes me think maybe the joist sank or was lower than the others almost all the broke peices were along 1 joist and it wasnt a continual line, as the ply was staggered so were the cracks.

BTW this work was done with and for my boss and to builders spec and I know there should have been a better subfloor but no one wants height differences between floors hence the 1/4 cbu
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