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Cleaning grout? stains from shower pan

Hello all, helping another contractor retile a shower using some really cheap China made customer supplied 4x12 subway tile and grout.

We are almost done now and have been protecting the pan with a tripled drop cloth during tear out, CBU and tiling all has been fine we have been removing the debris and drop cloth and vacuuming the dust, and thinset that has dropped.

However today after grouting there are several stains on the pan in the textured (non slip) section on the floor of the pan (10-20 yr old FIAT pan) that are reluctant to come out.

I assume that the dye in the grout (kind of a gray color...there is no color stated on the bag) is what is causing the my question after this long rambling description is what would you suggest to clean the stains from the pan?

Thanks in advance.
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