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Same project, different bathroom. This bathroom has a steam shower, which has been prepped with Schluter products.

The steam control (attached pics) is a round faceplate with a rectangular back that gets recessed into the tile. Problem is that the depth of the unit is greater than the thickness of tile and thinset. So when the unit bottoms out against the Kerdi board, there’s still a weak 1/8” or so between the back of the faceplate and the face of the tile. Manufacturer says to route out the tile substrate (Kerdi board), but I’m leery of doing so. Is there a better option? And should I apply a bead of Kerdi Fix as a sealant to the backside of the round faceplate when it gets installed?

Second question is about the cutout in the Kerdi board for the shower valve. It’s oddly shaped, so the round Kerdi valve seal doesn’t fit. How do I treat the opening? With all the detail in prepping a steam shower, it doesn’t seem correct to then leave a huge hole open to the stud cavity.
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