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Hey, I think I'm onto something for this thinset haze.

After failing the first time with vinegar, I adjusted my technique. This time around I put a good amount of vinegar onto the porcelain tile and spread it around with some even light scubbing with a nylon scubby. Not enough to get lots down into the grout lines, though some did get down there, but enough that it leaves a nice shiny coat on top.

Then I waited 10 minutes.

Upon returning, I brought the same scrubby and a bucket of clean water with a rag inside. I poured more vinegar into the scrubby and really went to work on the tile, scrubbing hard in circular motions. Then upon completion I used the rag to wash with water and ensure that tile was as vinegar-free as possible.

Upon drying it appears that 95% of the haze is now gone! Since this test was quite successful I am now going to use it on the whole floor and see if I can duplicate those results.

Bonus feature: This also makes grout chiseling the excess mortar a bit easier too, so whenever a bit spilled into the grout lines I chiseled a bit more mortar for a deeper grout line.

Maybe I'll get a chance to put down the Spectralock on the floor as early as tonight after all?
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