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Excellent, thanks guys! Appreciate the support team helping to make this chore a bit easier. I am sure I'll re-read your answers a couple more times, and probably have a few/lot more questions before I'm out of the woods and into the shower.

Okay, I'll look for one of those tools. Looks like they'll help hook those spacers. How much force can I apply without risking breaking the corners off the tile? My tiles are 6.5mm thick at the thinnest corner portions. That's about 1/4" thick.

I think I'm going to start with the floor tile. It is 10mm thick porcelain with a lot of places where the thinset is piled high in the grout lines. I'm going to start with a warm soap and water rinse to remove loose thinset on top, but then I need to remove these hunks of thinset (or at least get them down a bit so the grout has a chance to grab onto something).

Since this is spaced at 1/8th, maybe this will be good practice for the walls when I have to deal with 1/16th.

Am I best using a grout chisel tool for the floor? I am afraid to use a screwdriver for fear of chipping. I know it doesn't take very much pressure to create spalling on porcelain.

If I can do a good job on the floor tiles, then I'll move to the wall, and get my daily dose of cursing in.

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