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Yup, that's it, thanks Wayne.

Yeah Jeff, the whim of the inspector is what I'm trying to avoid. Logic tells me an electrical box, what with all their holes, in a plumbing supply wall would likely be a no go for the inspectors but the same logic tells me romex poses no hazard given the conductors are basically double insulated.

However, as Mrs. Dan is apt to point out, not everyone follows my logic. Go figure.

To really screw with my small brain, the first inspector - after I shared with him that I was going to pull a new line to meet that dedicated 20A requirement, shared off the record that they would pass the existing 15A because it is existing. I briefly considered not pulling the new one but then remembered how IW (inspector whim) could bite me.

I noted the name, date, and time of the one I spoke with via phone regarding the wiring/plumbing cohabitation. I think I'm covered.
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