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Yesterday I installed my pre slope.

I used quickcrete sand topping mix without any added sand, mixed in four batches of one bag with 2.25 quarts of water. This resulted in a mix which I could easily squeeze into a ball with my hand, leaving my hand clean, but also broke apart easily. I wanted to add a little more water, but resisted the urge.

I started by forming a level perimeter in the back half of the shower, filing in to the drain, then forming a level perimeter in the front half then filling. When finished, I misted the bed with water then covered it with plastic.

I'm mostly happy with how it turned out. Its pitched to the drain at all points, which is the most important thing, the perimeter is level, and the slope is mostly consistent. However, there are some defects I would like to avoid when it comes time to do the final slope.

- There is some shallow spalling in some areas. I think this is a result of taking too long to work the material - I spent a total of around 2 hours, which averages 30 minutes per batch. I think taking too long resulted in some sub-optimal bonding where "old" met "new".

- I made sure to pack the material *very* well. I used a 3" by 15" float, and it left marks that I was not able to smooth out with my finishing trowel. I think for the final slope I will use a wider, shorter float to pack.

Pictures are attached, taking about 26 hours after finishing yesterday. I'm planning on skimming the pre slope with thinset to fill in the spalling and float marks before installing the liner, but I want to do a better job on the final slope. Any advice/wisdom is appreciated.
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