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Thanks for the replies. I will fix the walls prior to the Kerdi-Board via sistering some new 2x4/shaving high spots down. One of the corners has almost 21” spacing between studs anyway, so I have to sister a couple to that one since its too big. Would be easier to just throw one in the center, but the ceiling above shower is lowered and staying so I can’t secure a new stud to the top framing. Can’t think of any other options really the way it’s configured.

Did have one question about the subfloor under the tray, hole is way too big and I will be moving the drain a little anyway. Subfloor is ¾ OSB and it looks like it’s in decent shape. Instead of putting a whole new layer over the subfloor I was planning on cutting it bigger – to the joists, then sistering some 2x4 to the joist for more support and an area to glue/screw down a square piece of new OSB. Any issues with that rather than cutting out the entire section? Attached pic of existing after tearout.

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