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The reason for no glue between subfloor and underlayment is that unless it's a full spread of glue, meaning it covers the entire sheet evenly, it will potentially create voids between areas of glue. Those voids allow for vertical movement, which a tile installation can't survive.

1. If you use straight edge panels, then every seam that runs perpendicular to the joists must have blocking to join the panels. There are several ways to do that, but that's the general idea.

2. I prefer deck screws for most every application. They hold better without backing out, but if you do need to remove one or more for whatever reason, you can do so easily, and reuse them. Not so with ring shank nails.

Definitely use glue between the joists and subfloor.

3. Again, no glue between subfloor and underlayment. You could use 1 1/2" or even 1 5/8" screws and not worry about the joists. If you use screws longer than that, you'll have to intentionally avoid the joists and blocking.

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