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Server failure thread Sep-2019

Hi folks, as in the announcement:

Originally Posted by The Announcement
Hello All,

I'm sure you noticed we've been offline for several days. Our server experience a major hardware failure and our host had quite a battle getting us moved to new hardware.

They got us back online briefly today, 27-Sep-2019, but our backup was from 9/21 and we had some error messages on many pages.

I got rid of the error messages, then restored a newer backup and our image attachments from my latest backup (9/23/19 at about 4:45 a.m)

From what I can tell the server crashed sometime on 9/24 prior to my 4:45 backup so we lost about a day of content. I sincerely apologize for that.

Moving forward, we are going to migrate to a new type of virtual server "on the cloud". The advantage is that if something fails we can instantly come back up on a different server almost instantly. That's the theory anyway. I think it's our best path forward in hopes to avoid this type of catastrophic failure.
If you see any error messages or anything else strange, please post here. Please note the url of the page where you see the problem. For instance, as I type this I am at

Again, I appreciate your help and patience.
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