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Yes, slope is important. You always need one. Doesn’t matter what shower system, materials or methods you use.

If you’re using a traditional pvc liner, there’ll be a pre-slope under the liner. Then a second mud bed, of consistent thickness, on top of the liner that follows that same slope.

If you’re using Kerdi, there’s technically no pre-slope since it’s a surface membrane. Just a single sloped surface that Kerdi is applied to.

On deck mud versus Kerdi preformed pan, I prefer deck mud. Can fit any shower footprint, and I can make it thinner or thicker to hit any elevations I need.

You can only use redgard with the divot method. Search on this forum for details.

If you’re using hardibacker or cement board on the walls, you need a moisture barrier behind it OR a surface applied membrane on the face. If the latter, redgard is adequate but it needs to be continuously applied over the entire surface at the correct number of coats and thickness.
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