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Epoxy modified grout


I asked a similar question a week or so ago (see thread "epoxy or no"). I received some useful answers.....

I had a customer request Spectralock (modified epoxy by Laticrete) for a bathroom a year or so ago. The tile contractor said it was not that bad to work with, but I don't know how it stacks against 100% solids epoxy for durability and stain/mold inhibiting.

My brother (an advanced DIY'er) grouted a shower about 12 years ago with an epoxy product from ColorTile, he doesn't remember exactly what it was (100% solids or modified epoxy ) but remembers extreme difficulty with the application. The grout is white and has exhibited very little if any yellowing. I own the house now and am constantly impressed and pleased with the low maintenance and good looks of the grout regarding lack of stains and ease of cleaning. Mold does not seem to be able to get a real hold on this stuff, whatever small amount does show up seems only to get on the surface and is easily completely removed with a bleach and water solution (no staining). Also, the corners were grouted (never caulked, never cracked) which eliminated the caulk maintenance problem.

I really want to know if the modified is anything like the 100% solids. If it were I would definitely use it for my own and any others if they were willing to pay for it. I plan to contact that customer and ask about the stain/mold growth on their shower with the Spectralock. Don't have time to do it now but later today maybe, I'll post their comments.

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