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Tim, are the tub and shower going to share a wall? If so, does that wall come up just to the height of the tub? That's going to be a very important point that needs to be addressed when it comes to waterproofing.

If you're planning on using Redgard as your primary liner, you wouldn't need the blocking, although it doesn't hurt to have it. You'll notice in page 4 of the Redgard instructions, the Redgard goes up behind the cement board. I'm not sure how that is supposed to work, other than to paint it on the blocking. It would seem that having it go up the face of the cement board would be a better option. In either case, there is still a pre-sloped bed of mud on top of the Redgard.

If you do in fact use Redgard, I would caution you that Hardibacker tends to draw the moisture out of it very quickly. For that reason, you would need to use a primer coat of Redgard. Don't forget that when you get to that stage in your project.

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