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Wall #1 grouted

Originally Posted by Paul
Have you read the grouting tutorial some really nice guy wrote?
Thanks Paul!!! Really good grouting article by the way!! I had seen it but it did not address starting top or bottom. Thanks for clearing that up…..doesn’t really matter as usual I’m just overthinking stuff.

Got one wall grouted and stopped. I’m assuming it is ok to grout one wall at a time? Never really asked that question but that was always my intention.

If I was using normal Custom Polyblend Grout or similar, doing entire shower in one shot would not be a problem. However, as I mention in a couple previous posts, this Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA is a different animal. It sets fast and the amount of wiping and buffing amounts to about triple the effort/energy to get rid of all the haze. It really is a lot more work but the results seem worth it.

Having said that, I’m done for the day (grout not fully dry in posted pic….tough to get good full length pics in such a small shower room). The one wall looks good so far.

If anyone knows that there is a problem grouting a wall at a time, please let me know before I do my second wall tomorrow. If it’s a problem, I will suck it up and do the remaining 2 walls plus niche and curb together.

Thanks again and be safe out there!!!
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