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Stacked stone and hardie board

We're going to put stacked stone on the wall over from the bathroom countertop up to the 8 ft. soffit. Our issue is spacing behind large sink and faucet, so we don't want the wall to come out too far. Would 1/4 inch Hardie board screwed into the drywall be sufficient to hold the stacked stone? The stacked stone is not as thick as some, being about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick. I know most will suggest removing the drywall and using 1/2 inch CBU, but since this is new construction and we just had all the drywall installed, hubby will not remove the drywall. I'm worried that the 1/2 inch will take us too much space.

By the way, I just finished tiling two showers with 1/2 hardie board with Kerdi membrane and it they came out great.

Attached is photo of the wall.


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