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Marble wall and floor tile help!!!

Hello all! Glad to have found this helpful forum!
I’m starting my first bathroom remodel and have some questions as most of the information I find varies or is incomplete. I tried a quick search on the forum but didn’t find the exact information.

My project : half bathroom powder room - sink and toilet only. Very small roughly 4x4 feet square in size.

Current state : 1960’s style with pink wall tile half way up and painted the other half with painted ceiling. Current floor tile is a mud job.

Current plan : Natural marble brick wall tile half way up all walls in same manner as existing tile. Natural marble hexagon floor tiles.

My questions :
What backer board should I use for the natural stone marble brick wall tile? Don’t feel i need cement board since it’s not a shower area - should I use green board or purple board? Marble tile will be pretty heavy and applied with thinset. The goal is to paint the half above the wall tile. Wasn’t sure if I should split cement board one half and drywall the other half up or keep existing drywall and cut out the bottom half with existing tile. Green board the whole room? Any help is appreciated!!!

Second question :

Since the existing floor is a mud job on top of a plywood sub floor I figured I would remove mud job down to plywood and build back up with plywood (if needed) and cement board for Marble hexagon floor tiles. I’m worried about subfloor movement I’ve been reading about - good idea or is there a better way?

The goal here is to do this job right the first time and not worry about things failing later on. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!
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