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Thought I'd post an update. The pics show what I did with the knee wall.
I put 4" tall CMU blocks on the slab and wrapped them in Kerdi. Then I built a wood frame and used J bolts to attach it to the CMU. To stiffen the wall I had a 3/8" thick, 4" wide iron brace made and I screwed it to the wall and the studs. (I used a router to recess the brace into the framing.) I ripped the framing to be 1/2" inset on each side of the CMU so I could cover it with drywall. I'll put Kerdi over that. The wall's solid as a rock. The brace cost about $120.
Just finished all the drywall in the rest of the bathroom (taping is the worst!) and will be ready to build the benches (out of CMU), then Kerdi and finally tile.
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