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Best place for a DIYer to buy high quality thinset?

I'm doing a bathroom reno and am at the schluter kerdi shower pan installation stage. I've done my research and want to use a high quality unmodified thinset like Ditra-set, Laticrete, or even Schluter's Set Thinset.

Problem is, I can't find the stuff anywhere for residential/personal purchase. All my box stores have low-quality Mapei thinset, nothing else. I've called some tile suppliers in my area and they either claim not to sell the thinset I'm interested in or won't sell me it under a house account. I can buy some of the types of thinset online and pay nearly $60 a bag, but that just seems ridiculously expensive compared to the $16-$24 a bag I'm seeing referenced elsewhere.

Where can a DIYer go to buy one or two 50 lb bags of good quality thinset in person? Am I looking at the wrong kind of businesses? I live in the Los Angeles area, so you'd think there would be a place I could get this as a casual DIYer.
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