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Thanks to both of you for your replies. Today is D-Day for the final argument with this fellow. I just cannot let him grout no matter what - he's going to make a bad problem worse when he half-asses it. It's a tangentially-related problem, but he told me he would charge $500 for grouting 120 sqft if I supplied the materials, to which I replied that he could just take $500 less and leave the job, but he refused. Today I'll try to come to terms, and if not I'll just fire him and pay what I think is a fair deduction. He has made other mistakes in this job that he refuses to correct, so the law is on my side once that occurs. He's also demonstrated a tenuous grip on reality from time to time... so I think this just gets worse from here if I let him continue.

Thanks for the offer of assistance; I think I am going to try grouting it on my own and I appreciate the opportunity to ask you more questions as I prepare. I don't mind employing myself, although I do realize that would automatically mean my boss is a bit of an idiot.

A couple of questions your responses raise:

i) They don't sell the minis in Canada, so I had to buy some fulls. The Laticrete calculators says I need 2 minis for the walls and 2 for the floor, so my plan was to split parts A & B into 4 ziploc bags, then portion out the Part C into 4 bags as well. This should give me the 4 minis that I need, and then I will just use up one at a time to ensure I'm not trying to grout too much in one pass.

Anyone see any issue with this strategy?

ii) Some of these grout spacers are buried deep in the 1/16th joints on the wall. Last night I took 2 hours and pulled out all the ones that were not flush with the back of the wall, but the others are deep and set in thinset. Getting needlenose in there is nearly impossible, it seems. Am I at risk for chipping the small ceramic subway tiles? Is it better just to leave the buried ones buried if around 75% of the remaining depth of the tile edge is available to take grout? It takes a lot of force to remove them, and some of them don't want to dislodge with any reasonable amount of force. If I dial my strength dial up to 11, I fear damage.

Thanks again, everyone. Really appreciate the feedback.

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