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Newbie questions - New Steam Shower

Hi everyone,

New to the board - have been lurking, reading about steam shower building. A contractor is in process of building a steam shower for me, using Kerdi membrane.

What steps can I take to check on the work? I trust the contractor, but if anything goes wrong, it will be in several years and it will be my problem.

Current questions:

I believe he's planning to build the curb using 2x4. From what I've read, there's a safer method, using styrofoam or polystyrene. How critical is this? Is it something I should be insisting on, or not such a big deal?

I was planning on using a 1/4" ceramic subway wall tile on the sides and top of the curb. This is purely for aesthetics, as the walls, ceiling and bench will be in the same material.

Any recommendations for vapour proof lights? Can I use wet rated slim leds and silicon them to seal?

Many thanks for any advice! I'm sure I will have more questions.

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