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If your joist structure actually meets the L/720 deflection requirement, the MIA requires a double layer of subflooring, regardless the joist spacing, for a natural stone tile installation. The earlier recommended subfloor with the first layer recessed between the joists doesn't technically meet that requirement, but it's still better than a single layer.

But it's your house, your tile, your dinero, you can tile over whatever you're comfortable with.
I'm glad you chimed in CX. I was waiting for your opinion. My primary goal is to do this right!!!! I am most definitely not trying to cheap out as we all know that always ends up costing more in the end when people go that route. Besides, I was always taught that if you're going to do it at all do it right. With the nature of marble I was concerned that I was asking for cracking with a single layer of ply over the joists. As I said before I can deal with a reasonable transition. I just don't want people tripping when they go into the bathroom. If Ditra, indeed, can take the place of Hardibacker then I should be good as the transition will only be about 1/2" which I believe is entirely acceptable.
I have much appreciated ALL of the answers I've gotten and the vast amount of knowledge on this forum.
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