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Thanks for the comments ZZZK - I'm a commercial architect so I don't get to touch stuff like this. It's been a learning experience for sure. I'm gonna break down your post and reply in sections.

The drawing you submitted is too low a resolution to get any detail. Where will the tub faucet controls be and how will they be ran? In a self standing tub normally they come up from the floor meaning you have a penetration not just for the drain but for your pressure side plumbing too.
Correct they typically have a floor or deck mounted filler/mixer, I'm am using a Brizo Sotria custom shower kit. It uses a standard mixing valve with 3 diverter valves 1) fixed shower head 2) hand shower 3) wall mounted tub filler

Most of the free standing tubs within a shower area I have seen it's a curbless shower and the tub is far enough away from the shower head that it really isn't part of the shower and not really within the wet area or pan area of the shower so you don't have to worry about water form a shower getting near the tub. If your shower is so small that the free standing tub is part of the wet area of the shower then I don't think you really have the space for the tub. My 2 cents anyway.
Great point, I was kind of worried about that. I based my sizing on the the google image searches that I used for inspiration. I have flexibility to extend the length of the shower/tub area into the adjacent storage room. I currently have 33" from glass to tub rim.

*EDIT* Okay I see the link to your pic. From what I can tell you don't even have enough room in your proposed shower to fit a 30" diameter circle to fit without bumping into the tub which is the minimum code shower size. Or maybe you are right at the bare minimum (no dimensions so can't tell exactly just eyeballing off other dimensions). Either way, that will be one very narrow shower. IMHO you don't have room for the tub. That space will be far more enjoyable as a nice sized shower vs a VERY narrow (possibly below code narrow) shower with a tub in the way.
You can be the one to tell my wife that she can't have her tub So with a 33" x 72" shower footprint, what you think is the acceptable width to set a freestanding tub next to is? 48" x 72"?

It might also be considered a fall hazard because it is so narrow in that shower someone with shampoo in their eyes could easily bump knees into the tub and potentially fall.
Let's not contrive safety issues.

Also that tub will get pretty icky inside and out always being exposed to the shower stream and soap scum. More so then a shower tub combo since it never sees full shower spray to clean it but rather body bounce off residual.
Thanks for validating another concern of mine. I knew that this setup would maybe need a little more cleaning than usual.

If the shower was big enough that the tub was basically outside the shower area I would say sure go for it but in this case I think you are trying to fit 2 pounds of you know what into a 1 pound bag.
It's a 72"x72" footprint currently for the shower/tub area. See attached, for proposed layout... seems huge to me.
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