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Highly recommend this glass tile thinset from CBP. I found that I had to place tiles perfectly on the first try, but held like a charm.

Next hurdle: I am about to lay down the bottom row of tiles in the shower. I am left with room for the pebbles and have less than 1/2" gap between the top of the pebble and the bottom of the tile without thinset.

Can someone recommend the best way to put it all together? I will be finishing the tiles up today and hope to lay down the pebbles tomorrow. How thick can the thinset be on the floor? Should I tuck the pebbles underneath the tiles? I'm assuming I grout out all the way around the pebbles but not above them, and then fill the gap between the pebbles and the tile with caulk.

My other question is should I use a modified or unmodified thinset for attaching a quartz threshold to the mud curb? I don't think I have any unmodified thinset left at this point, but I could get some if that's the best way to go.

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