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So, my first attempt at the niche was a DISASTER! Spent 2 hours getting the sheets cut and individual pieces as needed. Mixed up the thinset, spread it on the back of the niche, troweled it with a 1/4" trowel and then put up the lower sheet first. It sagged so I pulled it up and that's when the trouble started. Thinset filled all the cracks. Sponged it off, but it just became a mess. Decided to pull that sheet off and try with the top sheet. Same thing happened.

I've pulled it all down, washed it up and am starting over.

I am thinking it might help to back butter the sheets with a thin layer of thinset and let them dry completely so that it acts as two large tiles. I'm also thinking that I should mix the thinset on the dryer side.

I read another post that says to hold it up with a nail, but obviously that won't work - however I was thinking I could cut a 1x2 the height of the niche and staple some horseshoe spacers to them at the right height and stick them in while the sheet sets....

What am I missing?

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