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Back to work today after the holiday. Hard to tile with my 87 year old mother here! I have solved the niche issue by using the metal trim pieces and bullnose edges inside the niche.

As for tiling the niche, I am going to put the accent mosaic (which contains glass and stone tiles on mesh) on the back wall. I was toying with the idea of running it vertically, but I think that'll just make it more complicated so going with the horizontal.

Using Laticrete Rapid set for the niche mosaic as well as the rows of tile under the ledger boards. Based on reading other threads I'm guessing the order should be:

1. back wall of niche using rapid set - let that set up first
2. sides of niche using regular laticrete - leaving an 1/8" gap between the back edge of the tile and the mosaic which will get filled with caulk.
3. metal trim and immediately set wall tiles while thinset is still pliable

I've seen videos where they place the metal trim behind wall tiles in wet thinset and others where they set the metal trim first and then set the tiles on top. Does anyone have an opinion on which method is better?

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