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Originally Posted by SS3964SPD
I would definitely shoot for the cuts to be hidden by the vanity/door/toilet.
Kinda figured as it seemed logical

Originally Posted by SS3964SPD
3/16th is large for my tastes, but joint width is rather dependent on the tile itself; how consistent they are in length and width. Carefully measure yours, several from different boxes. I believe the recommendation is that your grout joint should be 3X the difference of the variance between tiles. IOW, if the max difference in size from the smallest to largest is 1/16th, then your grout joint should be 3/16th. You could also dry lay 3 or 4 rows using 16th or 1/8 spacers and see how they fit.
Ok, I will measure a group of them.
I was just going by what box stated.

Originally Posted by SS3964SPD
Install the Ditra however it fits best.
Ok, awesome that will make life easier for me

Originally Posted by SS3964SPD
I would opt to cut the tile on an angle at the entry way transition to avoid using a trim piece, but given your layout that would mean sliding it all towards the door 1/2 to 3/4 inch I think. Is your current tile offset 1/3rd? You could perhaps change the offset just a little. If your tile is very flat you could do a 50% offset.
Sliding it either way won’t bother me either way. But, I will still have to use some kind of trim because adding the Ditra and thin set will put the tile above the wood floor about an 1/8+or-
The plus is then I can use a Schluter Reno U and it will butt tight to wood if tile is cut in length to match difference
Well, in the testing layout pic it’s close to a 1/3 but, not measured out exactly. The box recommended against a 50/50 and said wasn’t advisable. So, would they say that because of curvature which would lead to lippage? I’m a big fan of the running brick pattern myself.
Although it seems though the 1/3 overlap seems to be the fad now.

Originally Posted by SS3964SPD
By wedge kit I think you mean lippage control. I've only used the system by Spin Doctor, which I liked but have nothing else to compare it to. Many people here have experience with other systems. Some good, other not so much. Still, for someone without a lot of tiling experience these systems are very useful. I'd certainly use one gain, and plan to.
Yes, Lippage control is what I meant. Do those snap of fine being set on top of Ditra?
I don’t want any perceived lippage.
How about this kit

Originally Posted by SS3964SPD
That's a rather charming old and very pink bathroom.
Yeah, not very masculine to say the least . But, one thing I liked about the house when I bought it was it wasnt all hacked up and had good bones.

Dig your user name as I’m a big car guy myself.
Thanks for chiming in.

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