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Also, another question

So, I layed out the tile as mentioned in other posts above but, was wondering a few more things.
I did a 3-4-5 to see how square things where and I new at the entry door into shower it was off and doing the 3-4-5 only affirmed it.
So, as you can see in the picture there where be little to no gap at left wood to tile transition but, a gap on right side looking into bathroom.
Would a Schluter TK transition piece be able to be adjusted over wood to adjust that gap to near zero?
Any other that might work better?
I mean I can always cut starting tiles to fit but would rather not as it’s off by a 1/4.
I was hoping since the TK trim sits on Ditra I could adjust more over the gap.

Also, would it be advisable to use a 3/16 wedge kit for zero lippage? What brand recommend?
I found some old 3/16 I used for some other job long ago (I forget) but at least they gave me an idea of look anyhow. I don’t like them they a soft rubbery.

Keep in mind I am not a tile guy but, not rushing and trying to do the best job possible.

Pictured is gap I reference in post.
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